Difference Between Pre And Post Workout Supplements

When it comes to pre and post workout supplements, there are several differences. The supplements designed for pre workout help to provide more energy and to prevent feelings of fatigue and muscle soreness from setting in. On the other hand, post workout supplements are more geared to help muscle fibers to recover and for protein synthesis to be optimal in the body.

What are pre workout supplements?

Such supplements provide the energy you require for workouts in the gym as well as help in breaking up the muscle fibers. Certain protein supplements are designed for pre workout, such as supplements with creatine monohydrate NZ. These are easily absorbed into the body and include a balance of protein and nutrients that can provide necessary energy as well as fuel in your body for an optimal workout session. Hence, pre workout supplements will have carbohydrates in different forms which provide energy while the post workout supplements have more levels of protein sources or amino acids.

What do post workout supplements do?

When you work out, your body with a combination of cardio and muscle burning exercises, your body moves to a catabolic state. Here the body burns fats as well as breaks down muscle tissues. In order to help recover the body muscle tissues and build them well, it is important that you choose the right kind of post workout supplement. This could be BCAA powder enriched supplement powder or tablet. These contain concentrated form of amino acids that help in protein synthesis faster on your system which in turn will in muscle repair and restoration. Some opt for whey or casein protein based supplements that work slowly and help the body repair its muscles overnight.

How to choose your supplements?

It is not necessary that you need to consume pre as well as post supplements. You need to consult a fitness expert who can guide you as per the kind of fitness or exercise regime you follow. If you are into high intense workouts, you would find pre workout supplements an advantage as they help you sustain your energy for a longer time. Your trainer would also advise you to take protein supplements that would help repair your muscles if you are trying to cut down body fat and retain your muscles. The composition of these supplements is important to know and the effects that they can have on your body. Also, the ingredients and the quality of the brand you choose are vital. Hence, be well informed and take expert advice before you use workout supplements.