Making The Restroom Adaptable For People With Disability


One of the most challenging and dangerous areas in a home for people with mobility issues and disabilities is the restroom. This is a normal slippery place for normal people and it is a big issue for elderly and incapacitated people. Everyone needs to use the restroom multiple times a day and hence making it safe and accessible for elderly and the immobilized people are very important.

The challenges of the restroom

There are plenty of challenges that a person with moving difficulty can face. The flooring is a big issue, especially when it is wet. This is a difficult and tricky situation for normal people and is worse for people with disabilities. It can be an easy trap for people to fall. The second difficulty that dexterous people face when using the restroom is using facilities like the basin, showers and the bath. All the utilities used in wet rooms require the user to sit, stand, crouch, bend and lower themselves and they need to carry out many actions and movements to access it. This is why we see the disabled toilet and other disability-friendly products on offer in the restroom fixtures store.

The solutions to try out

There is no doubt that the previously mentioned hazards are alarming and intimidating, but these issues can be easily addressed by making simple modifications in the fixtures. This is where the accessible fixtures stores come into the picture as they exclusively deal with bathroom accessories that are designed to meet the needs of the people with disabilities.

Using a restroom chair or one with wheels is an easy option to carry out basic tasks like brushing the teeth and washing in a seated position rather than standing.

There are foldaway chairs on offer to be used in the shower area. They can be fitted in the bathing area and can be folded flat into the wall when not in use.

The standard bathtub can be replaced with a walk-in door fitted on the side of the bath. This will help people with deformities to easily enter the bath and they do not have to climb over the bathtubs.

Use of grab railings

The cheapest and the best solution to offer to make the washrooms safe to use for the elderly and mobility challenged people is to add the hand grabs and railings in the wet rooms. They are important aids that help people sit or stand without difficulties. The grab railings need to be fitted in the right locations like in the wash area, next to the commode seat, by the door, etc., to help in getting easy access to the fixtures.