The Process Of Turf Installation

Turf is the grass that is attached or joined with the upper most layer of a ground. Generally, turf can be divided into two types. There is naturally existing turf and artificially or synthetically made turf. There are many differences as well as similarities between the two types of turf. Among many other differences that can be found between naturally existing turf and synthetically made turf, one of the main differences is that natural turf is grown while artificial turf is installed. In this article, we will be discussing about the process of turf installation Sydney.


Turf can be defined as a short grass that is attached or joined with the upper layer of a ground. Turf differs from grass in a sense that grass is only the short vegetation or plantation that is grown on the ground while on the other hand; turf is the grass along with the upper most layer of ground. Naturally existing turf is grown by adding seeds and watering them regularly. Whereas artificially made turf is installed through a different process.

Turf installation:

Installing an artificial turf from turf suppliers Ryde is a long process that is done in quite some steps. First of all the area or place where an owner wants the turf to be installed is examined. The area is measured and then cleaned. Excess of stones and other such stuff is removed. Then the turf is cut according to the measured area. After that turf is placed on a cleaned base area and is spread in a way that no wrinkle is left behind. Then a material is known as infill is added which makes the turf stick to the ground permanently. Nails or no other such material is used because that might give an irregular appearance.

The installation of a turf makes a life quite easier for a person because they are easy to be taken care of and does not need much attention. Besides that, it gives and extraordinary appearance due to its lush green and leveled artificially made grass. Most commonly artificially made turf is installed in sports fields like in golf clubs, cricket practicing ground, tennis ground, etc. Other than that, people who love to have a small lawn in their house but do not have enough space or a resource to grow natural turf likes to install artificial turf in their houses.


We are living in an twenty first century where man’s life has been progressed to great extents due to the discoveries of sciences and technology. Almost every naturally existing thing has its artificially made substitute. Similar is the case with turf. Turf is the short grass that is attached with the upper most layer of a ground. Besides the natural turf, we are introduced with the synthetic turf as well. Installation of turf is done in few steps which involve cleaning of a ground, measuring of an area, placing of turf and then fixing it tightly. “Grass man” provides the best quality of turf and services of turf installation.