Does Heated Towel Rail Affects The Bathroom Temperature?

Heated towel rail is considered as the great invention of these days. Although, quality heated towel rails rail is not a necessary for a bathroom but it has got an immense importance. The major purpose of heated rail is to keep the towel dry. This is weighed as the extra bathroom fitting to give an elegant look to a bathroom. It provides the great finishing and luxury appearance of the bathroom. It keeps the towel dry and making them useable in humid or foggy climate in bathroom. Heated rails can also keep safe towel from bacteria and germs. You don’t need to wash your towels on frequent basis because heated rails keep your towels dry and maintains the hygiene of the towel. Heated towel can save your naked body from cold breeze for instance you step out from your washroom and felt a breeze temperature and if you have toasty warm towel then the room temperature would not affect your body. Further, some heating rails has the capacity to control or warm the temperature of the bathrooms. There are many kind of rails are available in market. People usually prefer those heating rails that consumes low amount of electricity.

Major types heated of rails:

There are two major types of heated rails such as:

  • Wet element technology rail
  • Dry element technology rail

Wet element technology is based on the cartridge that is filled up with the heated fluid and that fluid circulates in the rail and heats up the rail so, the rail keeps the towel dry. It takes around 90 to 120 minutes for this whole process. WET was an old technology that has been obsoleted now and it has been replaced by DET. Dry element technology is based on the special heating wires that has installed inside the rails. These wires can heat up the rail instantly. DET based rail takes hardly 5 to 10 minutes to heat up the rail. These wires consume the low amount of electricity. This rail is also known as rapid heating rail. If you are interested about bathroom vanities you can visit this website

Benefits of using heated rails:

The major benefit of using heated is that it keeps dry your towels in humid and cold weather. Heated rails consumes low units of electricity. Heated rails can maintain the temperature of bathroom and keep bathroom and towel secure from bacteria. It enhances the look of the bathroom. Variety of designs and colors are available in rails you can mix and match the heated rail with your bathroom. Heated rails are highly energy efficient. All kind of sizes are available in heated rails even you can install them in small size washrooms. Further, please visit our website to view the entire range of heated rails.