Types And Uses Of Different Pipes Available In The Market

Construction of roads or a building, it takes a lot of time, courage, investment and research. The engineers, human labour, time and the raw material used in the construction has its own importance. It is a huge responsibility for architects, engineers, builders and all the people who are involved directly or indirectly in the making of roads, bridges and building during construction. If any of the product like raw material used or any people who did not justify with their job and task done then it would be not good for him and humans have to pay a huge loss in the long run.

Types and Uses of Pipes:

The most used thing during construction is the pipe. There are different kind of pipes available in the market and each pipe has its own importance. The task and use of each pipe are independent and no one can replace each other.

  • Industrial Pipes:
    As the name suggest that it is mainly used in industries. Big industries can’t run without the presence of pipes. The industries usually use huge pipes because they do huge tasks under the premises of site. If we talk about the cement industry, there is a huge gases and other dusty material present in the atmosphere which is harmful for human being. At the time of doing specific task at specific place, a huge pipe has been attached to the machines and its outer end is wide open at the outer side, so there are no harmful gas residues available in the room and people can breathe easily and openly.
  • Sewer Pipe:
    PVC pipe and Sewer pipe are widely being used in commercial and residential purpose.  If we talk about the drainage system in the house, all the drainage system is completely dependent upon pipes. While construction there are huge round pipes has been placed under the ground for the flow of gas, electricity and water. It is then attached to the small pipes which goes to the different houses in that particular.

If we talk about inside the house, then it is widely used in kitchen, washrooms, rest rooms etc. The quality of these pipes is that it is available in all the sizes and shapes. We do not have to worry about the sizes. It can also be made custom. Another, advantage is that it does not have any affect of water and dust. It means it doesn’t catch rust easily unlike metal pipes.

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